LiFi (light fidelity), a disruptive technology, is the transfer of data using light waves as opposed to using the traditional radio waves. It is a wireless optical networking technology that uses LED light bulbs for transmitting data using the visible light spectrum and does not interfere with radio waves. LiFi can be up to 100 times faster than Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity.

LiFi will not replace Wi-Fi, however it will work in conjunction with it. There are some limitations as LiFi cannot mover through walls, however this limitation means that your neighbours cannot pickup your connection. It cannot be used outdoors as it interferes with direct sunlight.

“ LiFi is not “100x faster than WiFi.” The latest WiFi standard (IEEE 802.11ad) or Wi-Gig supports data rates of 7 Gbps. LiFi has never achieved 700 Gbps.”

Internet speeds are directly dependant on the ISP and can be limited by what is offered by them.

It is also important to know that the type of light source ie: small and large LED as well as Laser LED, will have an impact as to what speeds can be achieved.

Benefits of Lifi:
    Security – Lifi can only be accessed in the direct area that is lit up by the LED
2.    Speed – Significantly faster than WiFi
3.    Green Energy  – Lifi uses less electricity with LED technology

LiFi is not available in South Africa yet and will most likely only present itself for sale in 2017.