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On the 19th of May twitter announced its implementation of its partnership with Google and explained how it will affect users. The implementation of tweets in Google search result has been done in the US and will be implemented in other countries including South Africa as we progress through the year.

What to expect.

Mobile queries will produce real time content from twitter in addition to typical mobile search results. for example you can search for a topic and Google will return a handful of recent tweets by or about that topic, or if you prefer searching for hashtags, results will be returned for the trending term, all this without leaving the Google app.

You can also search for specific news feed for example “sabc twitter” to pull up the @SABCNewsOnline twitter accounts latest tweet. However you choose to use it the functionality is intended to pull real time information for specific queries, and to give Google more power across social media networks.

Tweets will include the profile image and handle of the account that posted them, the body of the tweet and when the tweet was posted.

for now however, there is no way to tell what type of queries will and will not generate tweet-based results. however it is expected that tweets with a high number of favourites, retweets will most likely show up than their counterparts.

How to leverage off this development.

Real-time messaging is the key here. post scheduling has benefited many corporates, this shift however means that real-time posting will be a priority in serps, so the fresher your post the better. Take advantage of trendline hashtags before they become overdone. Capitalise on major events, sports, politics, movies etc. this will increase the chances of appearing in Google searches surrounding those events.

What is your twitter strategy?

You may or may not be using Twitter often. Now that this partnership is in place, it’s vital for you to either establish your Twitter presence or re-evaluate the one you have to maximize your chances of being seen in search engines. For starters, you’ll need to make sure you’re posting there, and posting often. The more you post, the more chances you’ll have at appearing in Google. You’ll also need to make sure you’re using plenty of keywords and hashtags in your individual posts, so Google can index your tweet information properly. It might even add to your domain authority—especially if you get more shares and followers.

This new partnership isn’t going to revolutionize everything we know about search and social, but it is important to keep in mind as you redefine your strategies and pave the way forward for your business in 2015. While most of your fundamentals will remain the same, a handful of changes to your approach—including focusing on newsworthy events, using more hashtags, and posting in real time—can help you gain more traction through search engine visibility and increase your reputation at the same time.

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Article by Shaun le Ray (Twitter @young_shaun44)